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Jerome is a Bennelong local and has three children. Having a family firmly planted in the electorate means that he wants his area to be the best that it can be. 

Jerome has an experienced background in the private sector working as a director on boards, including nearly 20 years in a family business in Western Sydney. He is also the current Treasurer of Local Government NSW


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While Scott Morrison and the Liberals in Bennelong have no vision for the future, Jerome and Labor will take the once-in-a-century chance to rebuild and renew our country; to build back stronger.

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Labor is on your side, and together we can help Australia for the better. But to do so, we need your help to run this campaign. Every dollar will be crucial to securing Bennelong for the community. 

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The Liberal party rely on Bennelong to form a Morrison Government, but they’re so used to taking the seat for granted that they will blatantly run party insiders who live outside the electorate. The people of Bennelong deserve a genuine local representative who is dedicated to the future of the area.  

Jerome isn’t the only local who knows the area, YOU do as well. We don’t just require your vote this election, we require all the assistance you can give.  Please volunteer with the campaign, there is something for everybody and every little bit is crucial. Fill the sign-up form below to get involved, and together we can make a difference in Bennelong.

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